Take a tour with us through the history of Turkish Jewelry

Purely Handcrafted in Anatolia

Every single piece in our collections is handmade in Turkey using the oldest jewelry techniques. We travel Anatolia and bring you the best handcrafted regional jewelry. Visit our shop in Beyoglu, Istanbul for the best jewelry shopping experience.

Supporting local businesses

Locally Sourced

Bahtışen Jewelry works with the local ateliers in order to support the local jewelers. We believe jewelry crafting is one of the oldest branches of art. By working with local Anatolian jewelers, we aim to support as many artisans as we can.

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Customer Satisfaction

What Our Customers Are Saying.


Great Place to buy jewelry in Istanbul!

Always always always fantastic service! The moment you step in you are warmly welcomed and all of your questions are answered with a friendly smile. They offer knowledgeable and useful advice when you are unsure about your options. I wouldn't go anywhere else in Istanbul.
Charles Roberts

Best you can find in Istanbul

Bahtisen's jewelry collection is incredible! Their entire collection comes from from different parts of Turkey and I absolutely LOVE all my new pendants and earrings! Thank you for excellent customer service and stunning jewellery! I'll be shopping again soon!
Mildred Carlson

Excellent Experience

I accidentally discovered Bahtisen jewelry store on the last day of my trip to Istanbul. More than just a jewelry shop. They are very knowledgeable about the history of pieces. I have learned a lot about the history of Anatolian jewelry and bought lots of presents 🙂
Marc Larsson
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