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Telkari, (filigree) is a delicate kind of jewelry, made usually of silver, using tiny beads or twisted threads, soldered together in artistic motifs. It was founded in Southeastern Turkey, in Midyat province of Mardin city around 3000 BC. Our collection comes from best artisans who follow the footsteps of the ancient jewelers of Mesopotamia.

Here at Bahtışen Jewelry, we bring you the best selection of Telkari pieces of Anatolia.


Kazaziye is handmade out of pure silver wires coiled around a silk thread. These coils are woven into chains as well as various sphere and knot motifs. Every single piece in our Kazaziye jewelry line is made with precision and experience in order to create distinctive, striking pieces that can be worn to both casual and formal occasions.

You can come and see our ever-renewing Kazaziye collection at our store!

Midyat Hasırı

Midyat Hasırı is another collection of ours from Midyat. The artisans use a special kind of chain, what they call a “foxtail chain”. These chains are designed to create a subtle sparkle effect with their intricate designs.

The patterns they use on their clasps and earrings are signs from ancient Sumerian rain prayers which are one of the best examples of Anatolian Enamel work.

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Anatolia is very rich when it comes to jewelry techniques. So why not use those techniques and designs for more contemporary pieces, right?

Born out of a love for the handcrafts and beauty, Bahtışen Contemporary is all about modern Turkish Lifestyle. Balancing aesthetic and craftsmanship, each Bahtışen piece represents the variety and richness of Anatolian jewelry. Covering everything from necklaces to bracelets and earrings to rings.


Oltu Stone is a type of fossilized wood mined in the town Oltu in Northeastern Turkey. Its usage dates back to Middle Ages when it was crafted into prayer beads and figurines. By the 19th century it became one of the most popular jewelry stones in Anatolia, where jewelers nailed finely carved silver and gold plates directly into the stone.

Since those times, Oltu stone jewelry has been prized throughout Anatolia for its simple, striking elegance.

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